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Leveraging new technologies to redefine Workforce Learning and Development

“WisOpt Provides: AI Powered Skill-Based Learning Experience

Goal Oriented Learning Path

Job Oriented Skill specific curated learning paths to give a well defined objective and measurable results.

Gamified engaging user experience

Engagement is the biggest challenge in Learning and WisOpt is addressing as a pre-requisite not the end goal with gamification and providing interactive learning Experience.

Analytics Engine & Business performance correlation:

Data-Driven Decision making and actionable insights including Usability metrics, business results and impacts.

Content Discovery

Discover content where ever-present and target when it is the most needed. Our machine learning curation engine learns about your team and makes continuous learning recommendations.


Integration with your productivity, CMS, Collaboration or other management tools like JIRA, Slack, Salesforce, LMS to enhance the capabilities and fulfilling learning objectives where your team works.

Learning in the Flow of Work

On-demand, anytime, anywhere mobile-first learning experience to avoid time constraint issues of the employee.

How it Works?

Revolutionizing the way learning happens in easy and simple 4 steps





Still confused with questions like

How to re-skill, retain and reinforce employee? How to establish an engaging and collaborative learning culture? How to understand gaps and enhance productivity?

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