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What is WisOpt?

WisOpt is an interaction enhancing tool that aims at bridging the gap of communication between teachers and students by providing a common platform to share information in a formal and professional way with well organized and optimized data.

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Student teacher communication

The communication between students and teachers is currently happening in unorganized and informal ways, which often leads to unresolved issues like message cluttering and lack of personal data security, among others. To solve these issues, WisOpt offers a professional medium of instruction and focuses on 3 major verticals :
1. Ensuring Privacy: To eliminate the possibility of prank calling and spamming, the personal details of teachers are not displayed.
2. Efficiency in Data Sharing: Teachers can share important messages and files of various formats like JPEG, pdf, ppt etc.
3. Event Listing: Upcoming events and activities in the University will be displayed to keep you updated.


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Faculties can create groups to inform students about changes in schedule, announce upcoming activities of their department and to share study material. They can also join groups handled by other faculties. Students can join their respective groups by using unique group code or scanning QR code. Automatically students will get a personal message box with the group admin.


This app provides data insights on the progress and growth of every student and teacher who is a part of the institution.

Send Messages

Faculties can share information in the form of text and by attaching files in various formats including pdf, JPEG etc. In case of any queries regarding a message sent by the faculty, students can get them solved by replying to that specific message. This prevents issues of message cluttering.

Save Money

Instead of spending money on sending an SMS, why not use the internet to send messages for free? WisOpt offers a free communication channel to enhance teacher student interaction.


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General FAQ

To avoid repeat answering, we make our system well train such that it will automatically pick the best answer of a question asked by students.

General Doubts

Can give an insight like may I need to take this lecture again or where I have to go to get my new ID card.

Student Engagement

Most active and inactive with attendance correlation if required.


Emergency response / incident reporting. Institution students are in an auto-created group, so if any kind of safety or emergency they can able to assemble students in just one announcement.


For SRM University, we work as a resource organisation tool, they all kinds of mapping of their data. We optimized that data and give easy to access to our happy users.

Data Report

Data insights to every stakeholder. For better decision making, tracking improvements

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